David R. Fraser (“Oz”)


David describes himself as “a bit of old English”. He was born and raised in England, attending Exeter and Oxford Universities. As a teenager he developed a love of travel and in interest in photography. He had careers as a church pastor and as an international business consultant. Through these busy years the interest in photography waned, but the travel continued. Eventually he moved from his native England to the USA, setting up home in Texas. In 2014, retired and newly married, he attended an art exhibition in Houston where he was fascinated by the “Little Planets” photography of Syd Moen (www.sydmoen.com), and began to explore its possibilities for himself.

He is married to Sara, also an artist who enjoys working with him on his spherical photography. Her own work can be seen at sarabodlak.imagekind.com. They live together in Texas and in Andalucia, Spain.